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Organise & Share, your URLs, Effortlessly

Streamline your URLs from across the internet and experience the convenience of effortless link management.

Start Organising URLs

Streamline all your Favorite Content

(any) URLs, Tweets, Articles, save & share from under one roof

Identify URLs to Save

It could be any URL, literally!


Send the URL to our Telegram HyperURLsBot (or) Simply Cmd + V, inside HyperURL app, we save it for you


Login > HyperURLs, find all your saved URLs.
Create Collections, Organise & even share your collections to the rest of the world

The only Dashboard you need, for all your Links

Dashboard Showcase - Organise & Share your links from all your Socia Media Apps

Loaded with feature, you would love


Label your Links, to make it easier to find it without any hassle.


Add any numbers of Links, to your collection, sharing to anyone around the globe.


Links Domains are Segregated behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on what you need.

Get everything, forever.

Lifetime Access to HyperURLs + any new feature we add in the future for a simple one-time price.

Pro Plan

24.99$ Lifetime

  • Unlimited URLs
  • Unlimited Collections
  • Share Collections
  • Tag URLs
  • Import URLs (coming soon)
  • Private Collections
  • Reminders
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Starter Plan

0$ Free Forever

  • Latest 10 URLs
  • Upto 3 Collections
  • Share Collections
  • Tag URLs
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach us on Twitter

Do you allow to save links other than Telegram?

What type of links can I store in the HyperURLs

What is a Collection?